Private Token Sale: Closed

MusesNFT Team
3 min readApr 27, 2022


We’re happy to announce that the private sale of MusesNFT $MSS tokens is now completed. The private sale was opened to early supporters, and we were delighted with the response.

50 BNB worth of $MSS Tokens have been allocated during the private sale and, today, we announce the private sale is closed. Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting some of the big names in the crypto world who have come on board to support the project.

We’re very thankful to everyone in the MusesNFT community who has helped to make this phase of such a success, continuing an exciting and productive first year for the project.

We now proceed to the final presale which we expect to take place very shortly in partnership with one of the outstanding launchpads available today.

The private token sale has helped to MusesNFT to ensure its early supporters have an opportunity to join; along with the public sale that launches very soon which will provide the strategic support needed to execute our roadmap and successful token launch. Some of the more established names involved in the blockchain industry have already come on board as investors/advisors, deepening the pool of expertise we can draw on as we progress towards full mainnet launch early next year.

The MusesNFT Community continues to flourish, and if you’re an institutional or retail investor who wants to be involved then get in contact, or read on to learn more about upcoming developments.

Next steps on the MusesNFT roadmap

The coming month will see the introduction of our exclusive NFT collection named “Sensations” as well as the launch of our testnet ahead of full mainnet release in early 2023. We have been working hard on our infrastructure behind the scenes, and we’re excited to see all its capabilities in action.

We will finally soon be conducting our public sale which will launch on our partner platform. The distribution schedule of the $MSS token will be according to the following timeline:

In the background we have seen enthusiastic interest from developers, partners, and investors, and we will be announcing some of these promising partnerships over the coming weeks so stay tuned to find out more.

Become a part!

There are many ways to get involved with the MusesNFT Community, whether you’re a large or small investor, a developer or potential partner who wishes to join the MusesNFT Ecosystem.

As our testnet prepares for launch shortly, many innovators are getting in touch to leverage the unique capabilities of the MusesNFT infrastructure. Potential partners who are interested in becoming part of the MusesNFT ecosystem can contact us via or to learn more.

To learn more about Cherry, visit MusesNFT site.



MusesNFT Team

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