MusesNFTAnnounces Private Sale of Upcoming ICO

Details are as follows: 125,000 tokens will be allocated for private sale. The minimum purchase block size is 0.50 BNB and maximum 1 BNB per whitelisted wallet with a token price set at 1 BNB = 2,500 $MSS. The private sale offers early participants 20% additional discount rate compared to the presale price. Private sale tokens will be redeemable 50% after the main pre-sale is completed before the listing and 50% a week after the listing.

MusesNFT is introducing a new cryptocurrency and an underlying blockchain economy to handle the arts & culture space. To fuel and empower this transformation we created a cross chain VR space, auction and market platform. MusesNFT will have extensions in augmented reality and mixed reality to showcase art in real spaces as well as a classical web. Muses City metaverse open space will have other services just like a real world where users will be able to exchange services and products for crypto payment. Some parts of the Muses City will be accessible for only holders of MSS and MusesNFT exclusive NFT collection.

MusesNFT is introducing an ecosystem with multiple products and services which include metaverse open space, P2E games, exclusive NFT collection, profit sharing wallet app and crosschain launchpad. Its self-sustaining digital economy will bring continues passive income for investors and users.

$MSS tokens are used as a native currency for the MusesNFT ecosystem including the Mateverse space. Holders and users can stake their tokens to earn passive income, access exclusive avatars, access Muses City only holder areas and services, get discounts on NFT and in-game purchases, get discounts on service fees for curation, organizing exhibitions and auctions, upgrade their content and land plots. Each $MSS token, exclusive NFT holder will qualify to become a Landowner who will be a validator on the platform.

Running a metaverse’s token economy is akin to running a virtual world. Without necessary monetary and fiscal policies, even if the metaverse is strong, the project still might be setting up for failure down the road or not develop as expected. MusesNFT’s monetary policy mainly pertains to $MSS token in its metaverse and other products and services. $MSS token is core utility token of the entire ecosystem. $MSS is structured as a fixed supply token and is a prerequisite for potential users and investors to buy for becoming a part of our ecosystem.

The purpose of the private sale is to reward our early supporters by providing them an opportunity for investing into the MusesNFT project.

For inquiries please contact us at or on telegram @peter7708

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MusesNFT Ecosystem is building a decentralized platform to create art and digital art exhibitions and auctions.

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MusesNFT Team

MusesNFT Ecosystem is building a decentralized platform to create art and digital art exhibitions and auctions.