MusesNFT Revised Tokeneconomics!


MusesNFT Financial Planning

MusesNFT Financial Planning
Total Supply: 2,500,000 Muses (MSS)
Target Private Sale Amount: 50 BNB
Target Pre-Sale Amount: Hard cap 60 BNB
Tokens for Private-Sale: 125,000 MSS
Tokens for Public-Sale: 120,000 MSS
Tokens for PancakeSwap Liquidity: 120,000 MSS (permanent lock)
Initial circulating supply: 245,000 MSS


Application Program Interface & Digital Signature App — in progress
Virtual Gallery Space Creation/MusesNFT Launchpad — complete
Mixed Reality HoloLens App — in progress
3D Scanning App & Muses Box Platform/Mobile App — in progress


Total Supply: 2,500,000 MSS
Private Sale: 125,000 MSS
Public Sale: 120,000 MSS
PancakeSwap Liquidity: 120,000 MSS (permanent lock)
Staking & Project sustainability: 719,000 MSS
Team: 375,000 (24 months lock)
Marketing and CEX: 300,000 MSS
Burnt: 666,000 MSS

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MusesNFT Team

MusesNFT Team

MusesNFT Ecosystem is building a decentralized platform to create art and digital art exhibitions and auctions.