MusesNFT Public Sale!

MusesNFT team is pleased to confirm after the initial successful private sale we have raised 50 BNB offering 20% discount from the public sale price. Since, initial private sale allocation was very small now we would like to invite our early investors to participate in our public-sale event! We are happy to announce that the MSS Token release is near.

In hopes to provide equal investment opportunities for all our community members, we will be offering our public sale via Apollo Ventures Launchpad. For our public sale no whitelisting will be required thus allowing all interested investors and art lovers to participate without any limitations. The initial Market Cap will be around 20K to allow an opportunity for further growth. MusesNFT public sale will start on 7th of June 2022 at 01:00 PM UTC and a total of 120,000 $MSS tokens will be sold during this event (100% of raised funds will be locked permanently for liquidity).

Following the sale, token will be listed on PancakeSwap and liquidity will be locked automatically for 10 years. Furthermore, CEX listings will be revealed as they are announced by the exchanges shortly after the public sale.

Public sale summary

Date: 7th June 2022
Time: 01:00 PM UTC
Sale Link:
Total available supply for sale: 120,000 $MSS
Public Sale Price: 1 BNB=2000 $MSS set at 01:00 PM UTC
Accepted currency: BNB only
Max Cap per person: 1BNB
A helpful guide for the participation process during the sale.

In order to participate in the sale, you need to visit the sale link. Then, you can connect your BEP20 compatible wallet (Metamask, Trust, Safepal….) and make the fixed swap.

  1. Go on the website page of the presale indicated above.
  2. Click on the button that says “Connect Wallet”.
  3. Approve the connection request in your wallet.
  4. Enter the amount of BNB you intend to invest. Minimum 0.01 BNB and maximum 1BNB.
  5. Confirm the transaction on your wallet.
    You will be able to claim your $MSS tokens once the sale finishes.

You may have to enter the $MSS token in your wallet manually. Our $MSS token contract address is: 0x15DD9a1AD0B3edCcDeeFBD23AB6b8DE5cfa81272

In order to add the token

1. Open your wallet

2. Click add token and select Custom token

3. Paste the $MSS token contract address

Token Economics

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MusesNFT Team

MusesNFT Team

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